About EFS.HK

EFS.HK is a platform mainly supplying environmental-friendly disposable tableware to all F&B businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, drink shops, canteens or organizations that are mindful of the protecting the natural environment and making purchasing decision that aren't harmful to the earth (Go Green).

EFS.HK supplies environmental-friendly tableware products. We categorized environmental-friendly tableware products into the following categorizes:

Straw Pulp Eco-friendly Tableware
Kraft Paper Eco-friendly Tableware
Paper-made Disposable Eco-friendly Tableware
Wood-made Disposable Eco-friendly Tableware
Starch-made Disposable Eco-friendly Tableware
PLA Disposable Eco-friendly Tableware
Natural Degradable Reuse Eco-friendly tableware

Environmental protection is not only just a trend we are following, it is an urgent issue that people have to take action immediately for ourselves and for our next generations. Everyone (no exception) has to act positively for our earth. To help arouse the environmental awareness (being aware of the natural environment and making choices that benefit--rather than hurt--the earth). TT Group Limited, one of the major tableware suppliers in Hong Kong, created EFS.HK (Eco-friendly Tableware Supplies) that offers a great variety of green disposable tableware at affordable cost so that F&B related businesses and organizations can purchase green tableware with ease and low cost.


HK Office: Rm1003 , 10/F, Tung Cheong Ind. Bldg, 177-181, Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong

HK Tel.: (852) 31 6376 31 (Mon-Fri 11:00-20:00)

URL: www.efs.hk
Email: support@efs.hk
Whatsapp: 636 50 919
Wechat ID: EFS-HK

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